Mexico 3-1 Paraguay: Winners And Losers's Andrea Martinez ranks Mexico's winners and losers from Saturday.

Rafael Marquez - He’s now a centurion. One hundred games is a high mark to achieve and it’s just a bit more difficult to do it with a national team. Marquez received a small tribute for his service to the national team at the beginning of the game. He’s getting older and he doesn‘t do as much as he once did, b uthe continues his duties at the back and as a captain as best he can.

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez - Whether it‘s with Manchester United or with the Mexican national team, Javier ‘Chicharito‘ Hernandez can not stop scoring. It’s more than luck that he scores in strange positions. He simply is a natural born goalscorer. ‘Chicharito’ knows when to crouch, jump, or do whatever needs to be done to put the ball at the back of the net. He added two goals to his account and showed that perhaps his performances are not just exclusive to his club team.

Andres Guardado - He has the skills and he has the capacity. Guardado gave an assist, ran up and down the wing and created many opportunities. He showed that he has the skills and control to take this upcoming team far. If he can stay healthy, that is.


Alfredo Talavera - Paraguay rarely attacked, but Talavera did well when he was called upon. However, that does not truly show his level with the national team. He received a weak goal, but nothing really challenged him. He probably won’t start the next game, so if this was the only opportunity for the goalkeeper to show his abilities with the national team, it might have been wasted. Corona seems to have a place with the team, and perhaps this was Talavera’s opportunity to show why he should be considered ahead of Ochoa.

‘Sinha’ - Countless called for his inclusion in the national team under Javier Aguirre, but it never came. He received a chance under Jose Manuel de la Torre, but against Paraguay he was hardly seen. Paraguay didn’t give Mexico the biggest competition, but if he wasn’t there against weaker competition will Sinha be there against better teams? Maybe it is time to stop asking for the 34-year-old.

Both defenses
- Mexico might have won, but it doesn’t mean that it had the perfect defense. Paraguay rarely made it to the defense, but the few times they did they troubled those at the back. On the other end, the Paraguayan defense had trouble with the opposition as well. Often, ’Chicharito’ escaped their clutches and showed their weakness. If the teams hope to go far in Copa America, they will have to fix the back during upcoming friendlies. After all these games are more than to just build egos and earn money, they are also to see what works and what doesn’t.

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