Ending Drought Means Little To Pumas' Palencia

Francisco Palencia went nearly one year with scoring a goal, but his goal Sunday wasn't necessarily any more special because of that.
Francisco Palencia scored Pumas' only goal Sunday and it led directly to three points as Pumas beat Morelia 1-0.

However, the glory of having scored the game-winner was not something Palencia was chasing, even if the last time Palencia found the back of the net was nearly one year ago.

"It doesn't matter at all to me if the last time I scored a goal a year ago or a week ago," Palencia told reporters. "The most important thing is that I am able to support my team. A week ago, I had two assists and I was happy. Scoring goals doesn't concern me. We did things well and it was my turn to score but it's not something I obsess about."

The goal broke an 11-month scoring drought for El Gatillero. More importantly, it pushed Pumas further ahead of Morelia, and Cruz Azul who finished the day with 18 points as well. Pumas have 24 points and sit atop the overall league table.

For Pumas to maintain their grip on the top spot, Palencia said the team must maintain its balance.

"We have to be very consistent in triumph and in defeat," Palencia said. "The team is very balanced not only footballing but mentally. We are very objective in what we do, we know we have our mistakes but still pay attention to what we do well."