Monterrey 2-3 Chivas: Despite Win, Chivas Out Of Liguilla

Chivas were unable to reach the playoffs despite winning in Monterrey.
An eight-men  Monterrey lost to Chivas 3-2 during the last game of the regular season Saturday night.

The game between the two was merely a formality as Monterrey had previously booked their ticket to the post season tournament.

Despite winning, Chivas had no opportunity to qualify to the post season. Chivas won a total of four times during the Apertura 2010.

First Half

Monterrey began to attack with only a few second on the clock. Humberto Suazo sent a free kick into the Chivas side and Jesus Zavala headed the ball to the post.

Omar Arellano tried to attack on Chivas’ behalf in the tenth minute. He made his way down the left and tried to send a cross, but goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco sent the ball away.

Mario de Luna lost the ball for Chivas in the midfield and Monterrey took advantage. Suazo centered a pass to Aldo de Nigris, and the player just pushed it to the back of the net for the 1-0 lead.

Monterrey lost a man in the 17th minute. Luis Perez stepped on Marco Fabian, drawing a straight red card from Miguel Angel Flores.

Walter Ayovi scored Monterrey’s second in the 32nd minute. De Nigris brought down the ball and gave it to Ayovi who unleashed a shot from midfield that went into the top, right angle.

Second Half

Arellano cut Monterrey’s lead in half in the 55th minute. He got the ball in the midfield and took a shot that Orozco could not stop for the 2-1 score.

Marco Fabian equalized for Chivas in the 66th minute. Omar Bravo, playing his last game for Chivas, shot toward goal after receiving a pass from Adolfo ‘Bofo’ Bautista. Orozco blocked the ball and pushed it into Fabian’s path. Fabian just pushed in the rebound for the 2-2 score.

Monterrey lost its second man in the 68th minute. Severo Meza left his studs up as Jorge Enriquez went by and Meza received a straight red card, reducing Monterrey to nine men.

Orozco blocked a shot from Fabian in the 74th minute after the player made the play down the left.

Bravo attempted a shot in the 79th minute. He made a play down the left, and shot. Orozco flew and blocked the shot.

Chivas added a third goal in the 90th minute. Enriquez stole the ball in midfield and sent the ball to the front. Fabian received the ball and sent it by Orozco. But the goalkeeper and player clashed as Orozco came out of goal. Fabian left the field because of injury, and Orozco left the field with a red card.

The stadium’s security team escorted the game officials out as the home team argued over some of the decisions.