Pumas' Lopez Hopes Goal Against Necaxa Precursor Of Success Against America

Dante Lopez's late goal against los Rayos gives him hope of similar success agianst America.
Having had success against Necaxa, Pumas' Dante Lopez said he hopes the victory can help the team settle in for a strong week and ultimately a good performance against America.

"In that game, there is no tomorrow," Lopez said. "We need to win however we can."

Pumas need a victory at the bare minimum to have hopes of reaching the postseason. A win and help could get the club into the Liguilla, and the only way that will happen is by working hard.

"This win is very good in order to work well this week and more knowing we have an important game like we do on Sunday," Lopez said.

What would make things special for Pumas would to get into the postseason with a win over America.

"It would be great," Lopez said. "The team is doing everything it can to make sure the result goes our way. This is a week that we'll have plenty of optimism and nerves and we can't forget about that."