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Chivas kept their small playoff hopes alive with a draw against the league's best team.

Chivas and Cruz Azul equalized on Saturday night at the Omnilife Stadium on the sixteenth round of play.

Though mathematically difficult, Chivas still remain in the quest for a post-season berth. Chivas need to win their final game, score plenty of goals and hope for many losses from other teams for a spot in the final eight.

Cruz Azul have already qualified for the post season tournament.

First Half

Chivas started off the attack against Cruz Azul. Alberto ‘Venado’ Medina’ made his way down the field and at the edge of the box he tried to center a pass. Omar Arellano had made his way as well, but the ball flew past the player and landed in front of Marco Fabian. Jesus Corona dove to his left and saved the shot with the tip of his boot in the seventh minute.

Arellano looked close to opening the scoring in the 19th minute. He made several attempts to get into and position himself inside of the box. Arellano finally shot, but Corona made the save.

Cruz Azul started to gain time on the ball and in the 27th minute Javier Orozco came close to scoring for his team. He received the ball in front of goal, but he released a weak shot that was cleared by Jonny Magallon.

In the 29th minute Arellano received at the other end of the pitch and tried to send the ball to the opposite corner of the net, but he sent the ball too wide.

Chivas attacked in the 34th minute. ‘Venado’ took a shot in front of goal, but Corona made the fingertip save to keep the scores level.

Cruz Azul launched a counterattack in the 35th minute, catching the Chivas defense off guard. The Cruz Azul attack went up three on one, but they didn’t make much of the numerical advantage.

Second Half

Chivas made their way on to the field for the second half and quickly launched an attack. Arellano made his way into the box, but fouled Joel Huiqui prompting the referee to dismiss the play. However, Chivas continued and scored but the goal was disallowed.

Arellano had an opportunity in the 55th minute. He tried to shoot from the edge of the box, but his shot went wide of goal.

Fabian too tried to open the scoring for Chivas in the 65th minute. He took a long shot, but the ball easily found Corona’s hands.

Cesar Villaluz made an attempt for Cruz Azul in the 84th minute, but his shot went wide of goal.
Jesus Enrique Sanchez came close to equalizing for Chivas in the 85th minute. He received the ball in front of goal, but Corona left his line and blocked the ball with his chest. The ball went wide and rattled the side netting.

Cruz Azul made their last efforts in the 87th minute. Christian Gimenez took the ball toward goal as the referee waved on play from a previous foul. Luis Michel had stepped out, and at the edge of the box prevented a Cruz Azul goal.