Cruz Azul's Meza Refuses To Complain About Omnilife's Artificial Turf

Enrique Meza says the rules allow for artificial turf fields, and he won't complain about it.
Cruz Azul will visit Estadio Omnilife for the first time when la Maquina play Chivas on Saturday. While the hosts and their 18 points likely won't pose too much of a problem, Estadio Omnilife's artificial surface could be a source of contention.

For manager Enrique Meza, though, such talk is irrelevant.

"Hopefully it's just a myth, all those injuries that occur in higher frequency," Cruz Azul manager Enrique Meza said in a press conference. "American football and baseball is played on artificial turf and I don't see that much drama."

The artificial turf at Omnilife is just something that the club must deal with, and if it's permissible by the rules of the game, the team must adjust.

"Rules are rules, and the rules permit for the use of artificial turf," he said. "We shouldn't object to using it."

Cruz Azul enter the match as the points leader in the overall league table. With 35 points, Cruz Azul are three ahead of their nearest rival (Monterrey). Cruz Azul's Christian Gimenez said his team would like to win out and finish with 41 points.

"I wouldn't say that we would reach 41 points," he said. "We need to respect Guadalajara and then the rival we have afterward (San Luis), who are obtaining points from everywhere."

Meza said his goals and optimism surrounding them have not changed.

"There are a lot of people who say Cruz Azul cannot be champion, that it hasn't happened because of this or that," Meza said. "That's fine but I will not deny ourselves that. I have only a strong will and a positive attitude that not just a manager should have, but every human being, because no one can deny us dream of doing something important."