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Chivas have a full team in place for the Copa Libertadores final and will try to take advantage of their home leg against Internacional on Wednesday.

Chivas received a jolt of reinforcements ahead of the club's Copa Libertadores series against U de Chile. While the team had to bid farewell to five players in April, Chivas welcomed back four of them in time for the semifinals.

And while the quartet - goalkeeper Luis Michel, defender Jonny Magallon and forwards Adolfo Bautista and Alberto Medina - were focused on the World Cup for so long, the players slipped right back into the club's Libertadores battle.

"(The World Cup veterans) have arrived with the same idea, with the same hunger and the same dreams," Omar Bravo told Chivas' Web site. "We've taken one step and we are now 180 minutes away."

With a full squad, the team tore through U de Chile, winning the aggregate-goals series by 3-1. Chivas will host the first leg of the Copa Libertadores final on Wednesday against Brazil's Internacional.

Now the squad is on the same page and fighting for the same goal.

"We have to put forth an extraordinary effort, with a lot of concentration and a lot of positive vibes from our part," Bravo said. "This will be something historic for our country and for the club."

Chivas have a brief but unsuccessful history against Internacional. In 2008, Internacional beat Chivas by an aggregate of 6-0 in the Copa Sudamericana semifinals. That experience was not one Bravo participated in but he did live through it despite being with Deportivo la Coruña at the time.

"That game against Internacional I was not a part of but I experienced it from outside the group," he said. "You feel the same about it. I have teammates with whom I've played alongside for many years and it is important that we are playing at home. We need to take away an advantage from this. This will be important because I feel Chivas has shown a lot of personality as a visitor."

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