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Internacional routed Chivas by a 6-0 aggregate in the 2008 Copa Sudamericana semifinals - Chivas' Omar Arellano has not forgotten.

Internacional and Chivas will meet for Copa Libertadores glory as the teams will play the first leg of the tournament final Wednesday in Guadalajara.

Although the Brazilians and Mexicans have had a relatively short amount of time to meet in tournaments, the two teams have met recently in the deep stages of an international tournament.

Internacional and Chivas met in the 2008 Copa Sudamericana semifinals. That series, though, is not one Chivas think of fondly. Inter beat Chivas 2-0 in Mexico and finished off the Mexicans with a 4-0 rout in Brazil.

Those memories have kindled a fire within el Rebaño.

"The truth is we owe it to them," Omar Arellano told Guadalajara daily Mural. "I was only in one game - in the second game I was not there because of the national team - but here at home we have make our presence felt, more than the previous game. I believe we were superior to them in our home game against Inter on the previous occasion."

Hosting the first leg, Chivas need to do their best to take advantage of the situation and head into Brazil with a strong mindset and some confidence.

"We need to finish. We need to score goals and make them feel inferior in this stadium," Arellano said. "The fans have to support us."

Chivas had twice before reached the Copa Libertadores semifinals but had failed to take the last step until now. Chivas are the second Mexican team to reach the Copa Libertadores final but are hoping to become the first to win the tournament. Arellano, though, cautioned against letting a potential history-making performance overwhelm the club.

"We have an important scenario before us, an accomplishment that would be something stupendous for us," he said. "We have to be calm about it too. There are 180 minutes left and of course we'd like to take an advantageous result from the game but history in the final is not written in one match. Let's play both and win both."

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