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Jose Manuel De La Torre is a hot commodity as his name has been linked with several positions, but "Chepo" says he is loyal to los Diablos.

Jose Manuel "Chepo" De La Torre would look well pacing the sidelines of an America match. Or he could be left with the task of starting Mexico's 2014 World Cup cycle.

Such are the positions with which the out-of-contract manager has been linked.

But De La Torre insisted his heart and loyalty lie in Estadio Nemesio Diez, where he led the host Diablos Rojos to their 10th Mexican league championship after a penalty-kick shootout win over Santos.

"A few months ago, a manager or two was mentioned, or another team or two was mentioned, but I don't need to sign a paper to be committed here because I respect this

front office a great deal," De La Torre told reporters. "And no contract exists, but I am committed to Toluca."

De La Torre, whose brother Nestor is a high-ranking official in the Mexican Football Federation, said he would not entertain thoughts about possibly taking over for Javier Aguirre, whose contract runs up after the World Cup.

"I'm not going to fantasize about things," De La Torre said. "Until there's something clear, we can't talk about it. Today I only talk about Toluca."

For now, De La Torre will be content with celebrating a team he said struggled but overcame obstacles to lay claim to the title.

"This group has fought against all sorts of challenges and has met them," De La Torre said. "This team tries to fight until the final instant. This is a just reward."

Toluca started slowly this season but ripped off a late unbeaten streak, went into the postseason with momentum and walked away with the title.

"Let's enjoy this as much as we can because this cost us a lot," De La Torre said. "There were two teams who gave it all to try and the title. The game was attractive,

the goalkeepers made great saves and that's the only thing we're left with, that everyone gave their best effort."

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