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Toluca came from behind in a riveting penalty kick shootout to capture their 10th Mexican league championship.

Toluca won their 10th title and the Mexican Bicentenario 2010 championship on Sunday at the Nemesio Diez against Santos winning 4-3 on penalties.  

The teams were unable to do damage during the 90 minutes of the second leg and went through extra time and penalties.  

The first leg ended up with a 2-2 draw at the Nuevo Territorio Santos Modelo.  

Toluca achieved their tenth title, reaching the same number as America. Chivas leads with 11 league titles.  

First Half

Both teams quickly launched to the attack. In the first minute Carlos Esquivel took a shot toward the first post that ended up going wide.  

Santos responded moments later with Darwin Quintero sending a long shot, but his shot ended up going over the goal.  

Sanchez stopped a shot by Nestor Calderon in the 27th minute. Calderon took a shot that went past the Santos defense, bus Sanchez was able to control.  

Talavera made the stop a shot in the 43rd minute from Santos. Oribe Peralta opened up space for himself and took a shot straight at the Toluca goalkeeper, who was able to get a hand on it to send it away.  

Second Half

Sanchez tipped the ball over the bar with his right in the 53rd minute, a shot from Nestor Caldeon and sent it out for a corner kick.  

Santos were saved by Sanchez again in the 68th minute. A tough shot from Mancilla curved toward Sanchez, but he palmed it out. The ball went toward Zinha but the Toluca player’s follow-up shot went wide of goal.  

Darwin Quintero’s close shot was stopped by Talavera in the 71st minute at the post, and instead the ball hit the side netting.  

Talavera saved in the 78th minute. Peralta left behind the Toluca defense at the edge of the box and went up one on one against the Toluca goalkeeper. Talavera held his ground and stopped the shot with the left side of his face, sending the ball away and preventing a goal before going down.

Edgar Dueñas had an open shot at goal in the 81st minute from a corner kick, but his header wasn’t directed straight at goal and he sent it wide instead.  

Quintero came close to scoring in the 83rd minute. Quintero crossed from the right and Peralta rushed into the Santos box, but the ball missed the player and ended up going wide.  

Sanchez saved in added time. Mancilla took a shot, but it was at the goalkeeper, and Sanchez blocked the shot.  

Extra Time

In the 99th minute Peralta shook off the Toluca defenders but his shot was misplaced and ended up going wide.  

Vicente Matias Vuoso received the ball from Peralta who had taken on the Toluca defense and crossed. Vuoso mistimed the arrival of the ball and kicked the air instead in the 103rd minute. Quintero was there for a follow up shot, and Talavera was there to make the save.  

Sanchez stopped an easy shot from Toluca in the 109th minute. He easily received Toluca’s shot and sent it back into play.

Mancilla had a shot in the 118th minute, bit his shot ended up going far over goal and to the stands.  


Toluca would be the first to take a shot against Sanchez. Zinha sent it straight to the center of the goal. Oswaldo Sanchez had made a dive to the right, but was able to get a hand on the shot  

Talavera stopped Juan Pablo Rodriguez’s shot by diving to the left, but the penalty was taken again. The second time Rodriguez sent it the opposite way and Talavera saw it go into the net.  

Vladimir Marin took the second for Toluca, and sent Sanchez the opposite way to equalize.  

Daniel Ludeña was the second up for Santos. ‘Hachita’ sent it strongly into the top right corner to continue Santos’ advantage.

Mancilla went up next for Toluca. His shot to the right was guessed by Sanchez, who stopped the shot.  

Lacerda sent Talavera the wrong way for the third shot, and sent it into the net for Santos’ third penalty.  

Novaretti continued for Toluca and extended hopes. Sanchez had guessed Novaretti’s shot to the right, but the ball bounced under the goalkeeper and rolled into the goal.  

Vuoso went up for Santos, but the player’s shot was blasted to the right an went wide of the goal.  
Romagnoli equalized for Toluca. His shot sent Sanchez the wrong way and rattled the net.  

Morales stepped up for Santos, but his shot ended up going wide of the goal.  

Dueñas then went up for Toluca and sent it straight into the net, putting it past Sanchez.  

Arce continued for Santos but Talavera guessed right and saved to give Toluca the Bicentenario 2010 championship and their tenth championship in their history.

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