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Qualification to Copa Libertadores will be decided by points, not through InterLiga.

InterLiga's six-year run is apparently coming to an end.

FMF Secretary General Decio De Maria said Monday that Mexico's spots in Copa Libertadores will be decided by points instead of InterLiga.

"The three teams with the most number of points in the regular season through the Apertura season will be those who go directly to Copa Libertadores, aside from the four who will compete in CONCACAF," De Maria said in a press conference.

InterLiga typically featured a mix of strong teams and awful ones. In 2006, for instance, Chivas and Veracruz played for a spot in Copa Libertadores. Veracruz were soon relegated but had the opportunity to play in a tournament such as Libertadores.

Games were often held in Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles, but only the games in California - played mostly at Home Depot Center - were the only ones that consistently drew large crowds.

The new system will be ratified when the league owners meet in next month's draft.

"We have to evolve," De Maria said. "This is something that will be proposed in the meeting in Cancun... InterLiga has many good things. The games were strong but they also had their drawbacks. Vacations were cut short. The two teams who got to the end got their very closely. Let's put value in the points made during league, much like it was with Morelia."

Morelia reached Copa Libertadores directly after being the highest eligible team in the table while Monterrey and Estudiantes nabbed the berths handed out by InerLiga this year. Estudiantes lost in a play-in match while Monterrey and Morelia each failed to reach the second round.

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