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Ramon Morales left Chivas after all, but not for another club.

After weeks of trying to find a solution for the future of Ramon Morales it was finally announced that the midfielder would leave Chivas and be inactive for sixth months, not retire, before moving on to a different team. Morales had been placed on the transfer list with six months of contract still left, but the player refused to move to another team. Chivas owner Jorge Vergara went as far as to say that the player would not play if he decided to stay. On Thursday the decision was announced by Morales at a press conference.

The veteran player had been in negotiations, hearing offers from several teams but in the end came to an agreement with Chivas without contracting himself to a new home.  

“I’d like to inform that fortunately we’ve come to a solution that’s satisfactory for all. It’s been important because of the brilliant career that Ramon [Morales] has had at Guadalajara. We arrived at an economic agreement with Ramon for the semester and now he prefers to be with his family” said President Raul Lebrija in the press conference.  

Although the player had several offers from teams the final choice is to not play in professional football for the next sixth months and will instead individually train.

“We arrived at a solution in relation to the contract that we had. I thank the teams that asked and made offers to me like Chivas USA. This is my decision. Looking at the choices,  I decided not to take any and we resolved my contract. I’ll be inactive for six months, but I’ll continue to prepare and train for what’s next. This is not my retirement,” added Ramon Morales.  

“I analyzed the offers, and they didn’t suit me, that’s it. Now I’ll analyze the current situation, I’ll prepare and see if I go to another team.”

The 34-year-old player arrived in 1999 and played over 350 in the Mexican League. He was part of the team that won the 2006 Apertura Championship and captained the team from 2007 until late 2009. To the long-time serving player leaving is like leaving a family.  

“It’s difficult, I’m human and I have emotions. But I’ve also had support through all this that I’ve gone through. Of all the people the most important have been my wife and agent, and now I feel fine. Now I can say that I’m at peace mentally, and with my family as well and that leaves me calm. It was difficult (saying good-bye to teammates) because there are teammates here that I care about a lot not as teammates but as family; I’m leaving a family.

“To the fans, like I always said: thank you. Thank you because from day one, it was a third or fourth of January, I don’t remember well, they’ve supported me. With everything that’s happened now they’ve always shown kindness and gratitude. We’ll continue seeing each other and there will be some Ramon for a while.”

Andrea Martinez,

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