Chivas Manager Real May Appoint New Captain

Chivas manager Jose Luis Real said he is in search of a new captain for the 2010 season.
Among several things Chivas have to define before the new season starts is the question of who will be captain in 2010. Omar Bravo took over the role after Ramon Morales stepped down from the duties without explanation during the Apertura 2009. Manager Jose Luis Real however, is not assuring the continuance of Bravo in the role and has a few other players such as Hector Reynoso, Jonny Magallon, and Luis Michel as possible candidates to next wear the armband for El Rebaño.
At a press conference Real gave the news of a possible new captain. So far the manager has observed several of the players but will see if his choice coincides with team opinion.  

“Fortunately we’ve been able to see various options and I think that the most important thing is that we’ve had luck with options we can count on and that will give us greater security in making this decision,” said Real. “Until now they’ve been my decisions, but we’re missing the part where everyone participates to see how they [the group’s choice] coincide with my decision.  

“There are many choices because to be at the toss or to yell there are many that can do it. But to really influence the group, the decision has to be well made.”

No certain time frame has been given on when the new captain will be presented.  

“I have doubts because I need to see them, see what influence each has to make my decision. I’m going to get the group together and the assignment will be known for the game against Toluca.”  

Omar Bravo carried out as captain after Ramon Morales stepped down after two years of service. Bravo will be considered to continue but will be up against several other veteran players for the position.

“This week were going to do a series of meetings to carefully define some of the footballing and off pitch characteristics and we’ll finish with that this week. The decision will be made on those that have been captains.

“Hector Reynoso, Jonny Magallon and Luis Michel. Aside from those there will be none added besides Omar Bravo [who was the captain for some of the Apertura 2009 season], but based on those names the decision will be made.”

Andrea Martinez,

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