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Pumas will try to replicate their Clausura '09 season - not their Apertura '09 campaign - with their same roster for the upcoming Bicentenario 2010 season.

Pumas are set to do battle in the Bicentenario 2010 season the same way the club finished the Apertura 2009 campaign, with one exception.

The Clausura '09 champions returned the same team for the Apertura season but had miserable results. The team will once again have the same cast of characters for the upcoming season but hopes the results will change for the better.

And while the club may have benefited from the addition of some players, manager Ricardo "Tuca" Ferretti was not about to question the club's decision to forego reinforcements and try to succeed with the same team that missed the playoffs last season.

"I'm a soldier and I receive orders," Ferretti said. "My instinct is to say that I am in compliance with it because if I wasn't, I'd resign."

Ferretti led Pumas to their fifth league championship just six months ago, but the bottom fell out of Pumas' season early on during the Apertura campaign. Pumas were never really a factor as the club missed out on the Liguilla.

Still, the club consciously made the decision to skip past any sorts of newcomers.

"We're here to make this project work as best as possible," he said. "The risks were analyzed and we are all in agreement."

If Pumas struggles once more, the pressure could be on for Ferretti. He was in a bit of a difficult situation during the Clausura '09 season when Pumas struggled early on but once the club turned that season around, any talk of him losing his position evaporated. He seemed to get a pass during the Apertura '09 season because his team were the defending champions.

But now that management has sent a message that they feel success can be replicated with the same exact roster, Ferretti said he does not necessarily feel any more pressure than usual.

"It's part of the risk that comes with the position, but nobody put a gun to my head to make me accept it," he said. "I hope the team can get some results but whether that happens or not doesn't concern me right now. This team has already been a champion and I believe it can be a champion once more."

Ultimately, Ferretti said he benefits from having a strong base around him.

"I have the support of the front office and my players," he said. "I am going to work hard in search of the objective the front office set for me, because it is everyone's dream to reach the Liguilla and win a title, and to build a strong talent pool."

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