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Oscar Rojas believes InterLiga is a good opportunity for the youngsters to shine.

The InterLiga is once more upon us and with it come important spots in the upcoming Copa Libertadores Santander. One of the teams looking to secure one of those spots is America. Las Aguilas have gone long enough without any meaningful international play.

The InterLiga however will also give America a chance to test out some of their up and coming talent. America defender Oscar Rojas knows just how tough it is to earn a spot in the first team but this tournament will provide a good start for the youngsters.

“It’s good to be working with the teams basic forces. That’s where I came from and it takes a lot of work to earn a spot in the first team. I had to go to San Luis and smash rocks for along time before I could earn my place,” Oscar Rojas told Reforma.

America has tried to put more of an emphasis on their youth. Due to past failures in the Mexican league they were forced to make lucrative signings to work things out. Now America has a pretty solid team which in turn will benefit their youth system and will make First team appearances for the youngsters a reality.

With such a tight nit group Rojas tries to lend a hand to the rookies as do his teammates.

“Today when one of the kids gets close to me I try to explain how the play works. I give them advice so the wont get frustrated and the rest of my teammates are always open to help them out,” said Rojas.

El “Kevin” took time to remember the golden years in the 80’s for America. Las Aguilas had a good base of players but there was something they all had in common. That something is what Rojas envisions in the future for America.

“From there (lower division teams) is where El 'Capi' Tena, Cristobal Ortega, Juan Antonio Luna, Memo Naranjo, Vinicio Bravo, and a lot of others came from,” noted Rojas. I think that valuable pieces can keep arriving to America from there all we need to do is keep supporting them.”

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