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Chivas Owner Jorge Vergara said if Chivas are unable to dump Ramon Morales, the veteran player will not see any action with the first team.

Chivas announced players for transfer with long time player Ramon Morales on the list. The former captain has been given the option of going to Chivas USA. He has six months remaining on his current contract but according to team owner Jorge Vergara if he chooses to stay he will not play with the current Chivas team.  

Morales joined Chivas in 1999 and became an important figure in the team as well as for fans. However, the decision was made by others to not incorporate the 34-year-old player into future plans.  

“It was a decision by the board, the management and I think it’s a good time for him to finish out his cycle. In the end it’s for the good of the team and you have to think of the group and not just the individual,” said Chivas owner Jorge Vergara to the media after observing preseason friendlies at the Verde Valle.  

The player has been placed on the transfer list and there is reported interest from other teams, but according to Vergara he is not being forced out. However, if he stays he simply will not play.  

“If he [Morales] does not leave there’s no problem. We’re going to carry out with it [his contract], but in the first team the answer is clear. He won’t play. The manager is clear that he won‘t play.”  

For Vergara it’s time for one of his long time players to say good-bye to the team he’s been a part of.  

“It’s fair that we all finish when we need to end. I don’t think it’s a question of justice or injustice it’s a question of being ready or not to end. Ramon [Morales] has to show maturity  in saying ‘I’m finished.’ I think that it’s a problem for many players to realize that they’re finished and that they have to say good-bye.

“Stretching himself would be a mistake. I think that he has to make a decision on taking the next step in his career, to prepare for what he has to do. He has the opportunity to go in finish at Chivas USA within the Chivas institution and it’s his decision to accept that.”

Andrea Martinez,

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