Bofo Returns To Guadalajara

The once-adored figure returns to the scene of his finest hour, as Adolfo "Bofo" Bautista is back with Chivas, who have not won a league title since he led them to the Apertura 2006 crown.
Chivas is going through a rejuvenation - with some old players.

The first player to join Chivas for 2010 is Adolfo “Bofo” Bautista. A popular figure in Guadalajara, Bautista left for Jaguares de Chiapas in 2007 a short time after helping Chivas obtain their eleventh title in the Apertura 2006. Bautista is also expected to be the only signing for Chivas for the season with the club relying on reserve players to fill voids.  

The player had been the source of speculation on his continuation with Jaguares. Bautista had been linked with Chivas and Chivas USA. He was available to transfer teams and it seemed like he wasn’t part of future plans with the club after only playing eight games during the Apertura 2009.

“After arduous negotiations we obtained the services of Adolfo Bautista so that he can return to his team, Club Guadalajara. ’Bofo,’ who loves Chivas very much, eased on his requests so that he could continue his career with Chivas and we’re happy with his integration,” said Chivas President Raul Lebrija in a press conference.

Previous reports had linked several Chivas players as part of the deal to bring in Bautista, but Lebrija confirmed that other players were not part of the negotiation.  

 “His contract was bought. The negotiations were tough; we both[Chivas and Jaguares] compromised on our parts and that’s how he’s a Chivas player. We’re [all] satisfied. It was a difficult negotiation, but we’re satisfied. There wasn’t any [player] exchange, they didn’t ask for a player.”  

Lebrija also stated that the new addition would be the only player for the upcoming season. Others would come from within the club’s ranks.

“He’ll be the only player. We’re counting on the reserves so that they have the opportunity to show and so they gain experience that a ‘Bofo,’ a Reynoso and an Omar Bravo have.”  

Disciplinary problems are a great concern for the club. Alberto ‘Venado’ Medina was separated from the club during the Apertura 2009 for violating rules, but Lebrija said that ‘Bofo’ would have no special treatment and would be susceptible to the same rules. Bautista will also go through a separate pre-season to catch-up with the rest of the team since Chivas has concluded their pre-season.  

“Discipline is a general part, not just for ‘Bofo.’ The objectives have to be met and the discipline as well. I’ve talked to him and we’ve decided to be silent on the necessary discipline. For the institution that’s always an important factor. ‘Bofo’ has always shown the greatest availability to return to Chivas. He’ll do a mini pre-season to be at the same place as the rest of his teammates.”  

Bautista helped Chivas win the Apertura 2006, but left in 2007 after a fall out at the club with then manager Jose Manuel de la Torre. Like the returning Omar Bravo before him the player hopes to regain previous levels at Chivas.  

“I wanted to return to Chivas because I have great affection for Guadalajara. It was a dream to come back and I’m willing to give everything so that Guadalajara moves forward. I’m eager to do things well, and I want to get rid of the doubts of the last year. It’s my greatest hope to win a championship with Chivas again,”  said Bautista.  

“I come with maturity. I’ve learned much during these past two years and I come here with a great challenge. I decided to stay in Mexico because the World Cup is coming up. I sacrificed in that aspect, but I’m here with the hope of succeeding in Chivas.”

Andrea Martinez,

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