Monterrey's Vucetich: Title Is For Everyone

Victor Manuel Vucetich celebrates Monterrey’s championship with players and fans.
Monterrey reached their third championship in the team’s history after defeating Cruz Azul 6-4 in a two leg series.  At the head of the reigns was Victor Manuel Vucetich who is no stranger to success.  For Vucetich this is his fourth title in the Mexican league’s top flight.

Victor Manuel dedicated the title to his late wife and of course to “Toño”.  Vucetich also mentioned that it was his players who were the ones responsible for Monterrey’s third title.

“This is for him (Antonio de Nigris), for my wife, and for the fans. I liked the personality of the team, the quality o the players and their temperament. They are a fundamental par for Monterrey’s title,” commented Vucetich after the game.

Monterrey turned things around at the end of the season. Facing difficult times with the passing of Antonio de Nigris the team pulled even closer together and looked unstoppable.

Monterrey’s come close in prior tournaments but never really pulled it together. The title brings so much more for the Rayados who’s had a quality but had not gotten it done.

“It has great meaning,” said Vucetich. The important thing today is that we finally got the title for Monterrey and its fans.”

Vucetich celebrated the title like if it were his first. The manager was surprised and showered with the traditional hydrating beverage. Hugging players and family members Vucetich rejoiced in the moment.

With his success in the Mexican league Vucetich was asked about his aspirations to one day lead the Mexican National team. Vucetich signaled towards destiny, for if it is to happen, it will happen.

“Those are circumstance which life sends your way. If it happens then it happens and if it doesn’t then it won’t. This is not the occasion or the moment. Javier Aguirre is the manager anyways and he’s doing a real good job,” finalized Vucetich.

Sylvestre Adame,

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