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Mexico find no fans - hostile, friendly or otherwise - upon their arrival in Port-of-Spain on Monday night.

Perhaps it's because the fate of the two countries has already been determined, or maybe it's the laid-back environment found in Trinidad & Tobago.

Whatever the case, the Mexican national team arrived in Port-of-Spain to a quiet airport with no hostilities launched towards them by the locals.

Mexico, who will close out the Hexagonal with an ultimately meaningless game against Trinidad & Tobago on Wednesday, met far different fates upon arriving in their matches in Central America. El Salvador fans were hostile, as were supporters in Honduras and Costa Rica.

This time around, several media reports said there was not one fan at the airport, only media catching El Tri's every move.

Mexico will train in Port-of-Spain on Tuesday ahead of their game Wednsday at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in the nation's capital.