Chivas Yet Again Open To Bofo Return

Omar Bravo has returned - why not Adolfo Bautista? Chivas' new president apparently agrees.

A new Chivas manager meant new ideologies, but one thing that scarcely changes is the fans’ affection for a player. Several managers have passed through Chivas, but Adolfo “Bofo” Bautista remains in hearts and minds. New executive Rafael Lebrija admits that he’d like to see ‘Bofo’ back with the team. 

The current Jagaures player has had scarce playing time due to fitness issues. However, in the past  owner Jorge Vergara has openly stated his desire for the player to return. Lebrija added his agreement as well. 

“I like to answer honestly, how it should be, and yes I’d like it. I know of the fondness that the fans hold for ‘Bofo’ and what he represents for Chivas,” the team president told Record. 

‘Bofo’ was a fan favorite during his time, helping Chivas to their eleventh championship in the Apertura 2006. 

“He’s a player that needs to get to work so that he can get to Guadalajara. Being a well loved player, being a person we know, he’s a creative player that knows what he’s doing at any moment. He’s given such joy to the Chivas fans and he can continue to do so.” 

Despite being a welcome addition to the team, the player has to recuperate the level with which he played during the championship run for a return to Chivas.

“His level has gone down, to be honest. Unfortunately, now he’s working separately for being overweight. We’d have to directly speak to him and see the contract. I think that he would have much interest in returning to Chivas, but he has to get back to a high level with the goal of lining up once again. The Libertadores is coming, the quarterfinals, and those are important.”

Andrea Martinez,

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