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Carlos de Los Cobos will try to make the impossible, possible as El Salvador looks to win against El Tri in the Azteca.

El Salvador’s national team will be pushing a hope campaign in order to qualify for the 2010 World Cup.  The team does have a chance to qualify but those chances look slim. They are not only dependant on their result but also on Costa Rica’s result. El Salvador will try to do their part on Saturday October the tenth when they take on Mexico in the Estadio Azteca. Although a seemingly daunting task, El Salvador’s head coach Carlos De Los Cobos says it is not a miracle to win at the Azteca.

“It would be a surprise. Miracles, only God can perform. Mexico is the favorite for every reason and if we were to win, it would be a great surprise but not a miracle. I believe in the group and the most important thing is that we have young players who have a great desire,” said De Los Cobos in a press conference.

El Salvador has already defeated Mexico in the World Cup Qualifiers. De Los Cobos and company beat Mexico 2-1 in El Salvador in front of thousands of Cuscatleco’s. This would prompt Javier Aguirre’s only loss in the Qualifiers since his return. El Salvador’s twelfth man came into play at that time by making the Mexican’s stay a living nightmare.

This time the tables have turned and now it’s the Mexican’s turn to return the favor. Carlos De Los Cobos knows what to expect since he is a Mexican and coached football in Mexico for years even with the hostile environment, the manager still wants his pupils to enjoy the Azteca since it will be an experience they will never forget.

“They will live through a moment that is very special because they will be in Estadio Azteca for the first time and I want them to experience it with great emotion so they can feel confident and sure of themselves because we are a competitive national team,” admitted De Los Cobos.

El Salvador will need nothing less than a win on Saturday. De los Cobos’ heart is split though. Being a Mexican he would love to see El tri in another world cup. But El Salvador has found a place in his heart and he will do what ever it takes to take them to South Africa.

“It will be very special for me because I will be in my country but I've also learned to love El Salvador,” said De los Cobos.  As I've said lately I need to know how to differentiate because every aspect is important, because we know that if we want to get to the last week with life we have to win.”

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