Queretaro See Light Against Indios

The bottom two teams squared of on Saturday and Queretaro was dubbed the better of the two.
Finally the debate to see who the worse team in Mexico is has ended. Its official Indios are the worse team in the league as they fell to Queretaro, 3-1. Jose Piña got things started for Queretaro. Then it would be Alain Nkong who would tie things up for Indios. Isaac Gonzalez and Diego Chaves both scored to close up the game for Queretaro as they cruised to a 3-1 victory.

Queretaro gets their first win in the league and can finally breathe a little easy following Saturday’s results. Queretaro finally get a goal after not being able to score since the 7th Jornada.

First Half

The duel was set to be a great one with both teams desperate for points, anything and everything would go.

Queretaro got the festivities started early when they scored after just the 6th minute. The play all started form a throw in, Isaac Romo gave the ball to Jose Octavio Aceves who passed the ball to a wide open Jose Piña. All Piña had to do was tap it in. Queretaro took a surprising early lead.

Indios had more problems in the 11th minute. Cesar Lozano came out poorly out of his box and the ball was stolen by Emilio Lopez. Lopez had a very bad angle but still took a shot, the ball sailed over the bar though.

Indios finally responded in the 17th minute. Alain Nkong drove the ball down the right side. The forward had a goal but his shot just missed the post as it went out. Nkong and Indios were hinting at something to come.

The club from Ciudad Juarez finally found the goal in the 22nd minute. Alain Nkong pulled the trigger from outside the box and it resulted in a great goal. The ball crept in the corner of the goal; all Carlos Bossio could do was watch the ball as it went by. The game was tied at one a piece.

Indios saw more possession of the ball but it would be Queretaro who would go ahead once again.

Isaac Romo made it 2 for Queretaro in the 38th minute.  Romo headed the ball in after Lozano stuttered in his try to get the ball. Queretaro once more saw the lead as the half drew to a close.

Second Half

Indios only seemed to have Alain Nkong inspired as he was the only one not afraid to shoot at goal. His efforts continued in the second half but they would not be enough.

Queretaro made it 3-1 in the 57th minute. Los Gallos Blancos took advantage of a great counter attack. Romo drove down the left and crossed the ball to a chasing Diego Chaves, who buried the ball with his head.

Indios saw their chances start to fade that is why they would throw their lines up.

Edwin Santibañez saw his effort go over the bar in the 73rd minute. Juan Pablo Rodriguez also tried in the 79th minute but his header was easily controlled by Carlos Bossio.

Indios continued their onslaught but they were unable to get another past Queretaro. Los Gallos Blancos held strong and won the game, 3-1.

Sylvestre Adame, Goal.com

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