Pachuca 2-1 America: Player Ratings's Sylvestre Adame ranks the individual performances in the America-Pachuca match.

Miguel Calero 4.5 -
The Colombian had a pretty quiet night as his defense was doing most of the work. Calero should have made the save on Cabañas’ shot but instead stood there and did nothing.    

Paul Nicolás Aguilar 6 - Aguilar had very little to do defensively so he went up top. Aguilar had a couple of opportunities but could make nothing of them.      

Marco Iván Pérez 4.5 - Perez had some risky tackles including the one that lead to America’s goal.    

Javier David Muñoz 5.5 -
Muñoz had a couple of good clearances and made key tackles which impeded America from tying the game.    

Leobardo López 5.5 -
Lopez did nothing out of the ordinary but did well to execute the offside’s trap.    

Carlos Gerardo Rodríguez 5.5
- Rodriguez exploited the left side for Pachuca and also had a solid defensive presence.      

Jaime Correa  6 - Correa kept good control of the center. Correa created for his teammates and did the little things right.

José  Francisco Torres 6 - The American was playing on both the right and left side of the field and kept very active in the Pachuca’s attack      

Christian Giménez 7 - Very active through out the game switching to both sides when needed. Converted Pachuca’s first goal off a laser free kick that beat an extended Ochoa.   

Damián  Álvarez  7.5 - Had the left flank at his disposal and took good advantage of it. Alvarez was th engine for Pachuca tonight. He also added an assist in Pachuca’s second goal.   

Edgar Benítez 4.5 -Was quiet all game long and it showed as he got off a weak shot when he had Only Ochoa and the goal in front of him.


Juan Carlos Cacho 6.5
- Cacho had a very good chance to send his team even further up but his shot hit the up right. Cacho finally made his goal after his third attempt.

Gabriel Caballero N/A

Damian Manso N/A

Guillermo Ochoa  5
- Had problems communicating with his defense. Could have done more with the goal by Gimenez. Ochoa had two great save in the second half when he was left alone not once but twice with a Pachuca player.

Oscar Rojas 4.5 - Rojas was not much of a factor in the game as he has problems containing Damian Alvarez   

Aquivaldo Mosquera 4 - Mosquera had problems with the Pachuca attack as he lost his man frequently. Mosquera lost Juan Carlos Cacho which led to Pachuca’s second goal.

Juan Carlos Valenzuela 5 - Came off the backline to play in his old spot as a winger. He did things well but his teammates could not make the most of Valenzuela’s passes.  Valenzuela had a very good chance to tie things up late in the second but could not connect.  

Israel Martínez 6 - Martinez played outside of his usual midfielder role. “El Jagger” was seen up top a lot which made it hard for his teammates to cover his spot especially with a man down. Martinez however was playing well up top but wasted a lot of energy by trotting up and down the field.

Pável Pardo 5 - Did his usual job in the middle with a pretty decent performance.     

Jean Beausejour 5.5 - Beausejour had a very good pass in the first half which could have easily been turned into a goal. The midfielder had good runs down the left but his efforts never created any real danger.   

Enrique Esqueda  4.5- Esqueda had an off night for America. “La Paleta” seemed lost and was eventually subbed later in the game.

Daniel Gastón Montenegro 4-
  The Argentine had a very poor outing. Montenegro never looked like playing well and received a red card in the 35th minute of the game.  

Salvador Cabañas 7- Cabañas had a slow start to the game but picked up steam in the second half. Cabañas beat Calero from free kick to give America their only goal of the encounter. Cabañas had the tying goal in the latter stages of the game but the forward could not get a proper strike on the ball.  

Ángel Eduardo Reyna 5- Pachuca had the America offense paralyzed and caught Reyna in the offside’s trap on many occasions.


Adolfo Rosinei 4.5
- Did not do much to help the America as he was stopped several times by the Pachuca back.

Andres Chitiva N/A

Daniel Marquez  N/A

Sylvestre Adame,

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