Chivas See Pink In Win Over Monterrey

Chivas observed Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donning pink and beating Monterrey.
With pink being the accent color of the night to observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Chivas defeated Monterrey to gain three points at home. The long awaited goal didn’t arrive until near the end of the second half with a header from ‘Chicharo’ Hernandez, but it was enough to give Chivas the rare three points in the Apertura 2009 campaign.  

Chivas opened with the first shot of the game in the third minute by ‘Chicharo’ Hernandez. ‘Chicharo’ received the ball alone in the opposition’s area, but sent it over goal.  

The game then quickly produced the first substitution of the game in the fourth minute as Sergio Santana limped off with an injury.  

Soon after in the seventh minute Ayovi had a similar opportunity as Hernandez minutes before, and ended up making the same error.  

In the 26th minute Chivas came close with a great play started by Ponce who sent in a cross, which was meet by Hernandez, but headed just wide.  

Sergio Amaury Ponce had an opportunity in the 32nd minute with a long range shot. The ball curved towards goal, but went just wide leaving the score line the same.  

Monterrey then had a great opportunity in the 40th minute as Edgar ‘Tepa’ Solis tried to head the ball clear of goal, but gave it right to De Nigris. The Monterrey player then  shook off Michel to have another shot at goal, but Solis was there to clear it away from goal.  

Luis Michel saved a shot from Monterrey in the 61st minute from Osvaldo Martinez who had taken the opportunity at a tight angle.  

Minutes later in the 63rd, Chivas had the opportunity. Ramon Morales sent in a cross, which was met by Omar Bravo. Monterrey’s goalkeeper, Jonathan Orozco, had the ball hit the tip of his boot on the line to deny Chivas a goal.  

A goal was finally scored in the 70th minute in favor to Chivas. Omar Bravo sent in a cross from the right and ‘Chicharo’ Hernandez headed to the right post past Orozco to make it 1-0 for the home team.  

Suazo wasted no time to try to equalize. In the 73rd minute Suazo was able to get his shot through the Chivas defense, but Michel was able to make a save.  

In added time Marco Fabian took a shot towards Monterrey’s goal and narrowly missed adding to the night’s total.  

Monterrey had a close chance to draw during the last play of the game. Martinez sent in a cross to Medina, but Medina sent it over goal to waste the opportunity to level the score.

Andrea Martinez,

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