Chivas Manager Arias: Monterrey Match Is Very Important

Chivas manager Raul Arias spoke about his side's upcoming match with Monterrey.
Chivas will host Monterrey at home for the 11 date of the Apertura 2009, and look to finally pick up pace. Currently, el Rebaño sits in 15th place in the league table while Monterrey is in third with a strong possibility of taking hold of first place. Recently appointed Chivas manager, Raul Arias, will be back in the technical area to direct Chivas against Monterrey and claims that the team come at a better time than the previous weekend. 

With the Mexican Apertura 2009 in the 11 round of play, it’s  becoming clearer which teams will mostly participate in the Liguilla in hopes of contending for the title.  

“(Monterrey) is complicated. It’s a good team that was taken from the bottom by Vucetich. He made some adjustments and he made them well. Now, without a doubt they are one of the candidates for the title,” said Arias on the club’s official website.

“Beyond individualities it’s a team that functions well as a group and that makes them complete,” added the manager. “Yes, it’s true that they have personalities like Suazo, like Martinez that are important players but they also have a defense with strong players. Besides that, their collective play has been great.” 

Arias admitted that Chivas had some luck on their side in the draw against Pumas, and hopes to continue with some of it. He also mentioned that the four Mexican national team players’ absence for the game friendly game against Colombia had its consequences.

“(We) come at a better time that in the game against Pumas. I hope that we have the same luck, although nothing depends on that. We can’t depend on luck but on our improvement and I believe that we’re a little better. The only bad thing about this week is that we didn’t have four national players and that has its affects.” 

So far, seven out of the nine points that Chivas hold have come from home games, and once more the team will try to take home field advantage, especially guarding against Monterrey’s style of play. 

“This game is very important to us because it’ll assert our advantage at home. It’s a priority and it won’t be easy. Monterrey’s a team that will come to defend, and they’ve done well. They’ll wait for some play or a mistake to create an opportunity, so we’re quite sure what their plan will be.”

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