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Pumas will try and pull a positive result from their first CCL road match as the club visits Real España on Thursday.

Pumas UNAM head coach Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti, having stated that he would be fielding youth players during the CONCACAF Champions Cup has decided to confront Group D rivals Real Espana with the club’s starting eleven.

“This time around fielding a group of young players will not be enough to be properly represented like this past Tuesday. In fact we had a group of 16 players, not even 18 to be complete, and right now I do not even have thirteen. I cannot make the institution look bad, I cannot travel with eleven players and one goalkeeper, it is something I cannot do,” Ferretti told reporters as Pumas prepared for their trip to Honduras.

Already Ferretti is dealing with heat from the club's league performances. Winners of the Clausura 2009 season, Pumas have lost all five of their games and is the only team in the league without a point.

Taking the first team to Central America won't exactly drain the team.

“We have more than enough players, we have around 30 players, but the group of youngsters that played last week is composed of 16 players that is why I will take everyone and hope this will benefit everyone,” said Ferretti about his decision to include his starters in the CONCACAF match. “I have with me “Cachas”, Humberto, and “Zurdo”. Last week I fielded Veron and Juarez to complete the squad but I cannot do the same this time around, I have to do something, and my best option is to take the main squad.”

Pumas' depth is comparable to other teams but the team has also dealt with international absences.

“When you play two championships there are teams that did well to get reinforced like Puebla and Monterrey; when they were expected to play in the South American cup brought in players while we only count on our youth squads. We knew we would be participating in the CONCACAF Championship but have to take into account that we have national team players, from Mexico and abroad, and I cannot count on all of them because out of six games they will only be available for one; that is why we call up players from the youth team,” explained Ferretti.

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