Chivas Banish Venado Medina To Second Division

Club officials cite disciplinary reasons for Medina's demotion.
Alberto “Venado” Medina is one of the first players to receive sanctions after a careful analysis done by a panel for Chivas to evaluate the problems that have been currently affecting the team.

The Apertura 2009 has seen one of the worst starts for the team, losing three out of the four games played this season. Jorge Vergara stated that there would be sanctions for the players who weren’t committed, and Alberto Medina was found guilty.  

Earlier in the week Vergara tweeted about revisions of the team. Although he did not single out a specific person, Vergara did gear toward placing the blame on the players.  

After analysis done by the Chivas board, the conclusion was made that Alberto Medina was one of those guilty for the recent performances.  

In a press conference Vice President of Chivas, Efrain Flores, spoke about some of the reasoning behind the sanctions for the player. Now, Alberto Medina will train with Chivas’ second division team until further notice. In the Clausura 2009 Carlos Ochoa was also sent to the lower teams after disappointing performances, and in the end was sent to Santos.

“One of the conclusions that we’ve arrived at during this analysis that we have conducted of the team is that the player, Alberto Medina, has been undisciplined according to internal contracts with the club, and for that reason will be sanctioned,” said Efrain Flores.
“This situation is not a question of performance, it’s about discipline stipulated in the rules. This is why he (Medina) will be sanctioned. In these situations, performance is an issue for Francisco Ramirez. He will make the decision according to his technical and tactical vision.”

In addition, current manager Francisco Ramirez also spoke about the player.  

“It was a collective decision (by the board). I think that simply it’s in the conduct of the player, but it was a collective decision.” said Ramirez in another press conference. “I have to look out for the interests of my team and there is a rule of discipline within it. That is what we work around. It’s a situation that is being worked on internally and we are letting the press know that it is about disciplinary reasons, period. A player is asked to act in accordance to what the club asks, and based on that decisions are made.”

Andrea Martinez,

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