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Pachuca lost 4-1 in Panama a week ago and all but need a victory to avoid losing ground in the group table.

Pachuca waltzed into the CONCACAF Champions League after flattening Guatemalan side Deportivo Jalapa by a 10-1 aggregate and instantly set themselves up as a favorite to win the tournament.

Instead, Pachuca are close to desperation after just one game. Pachuca lost at Arabe Unido by 4-1 and need a strong performance at home Tuesday against Metapan to avoid slipping further down the Group 1 table.

To complicate matters for Pachuca, the club fell at home on the weekend, losing to Puebla by 2-1. Had Pachuca been able to win at home, the loss at Arabe Unido may have seemed like a one-off result; instead, it could be the first seams to unravel in Pachuca's once-steady fabric. Already, Pachuca are on a two-game losing streak at home as the club lost to San Luis in Jornada 4 action.

Manager Enrique Meza left in the offseason for Cruz Azul but Pachuca seemed destined to weather the storm. An early strong start to the season and the club's performance against Jalapa led to the belief that things would be fine. And while they still might be, not beating Metapan would be another hole for los Tuzos to try and climb out of.

Metapan lost to Houston and seem to be the weaker side of the group, so Pachuca won't exactly have to overcome a burgeoning championship team but beating the Salvadoran champions will restore some confidence in Pachuca.

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