Pumas' Ferretti Content With CCL Victory

Pumas beat Comunicaciones on Tuesday and manager Ricardo "Tuca" Ferretti said he was pleased with his team's shutout performance.
Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti appeared content after having achieved his first official win of the season, putting an end to four straight league defeats, with Pumas one-nil victory over Comunicaciones in the CONCACAF Champions League.

“It leaves me content for the performance that the players had, the squad, and the win which is important for us in this tourney,” Ferretti told reporters at the post match press conference. “First of all they played well and secondly they got a win. It is a combination that I like because many times you can play good and not win and today both those aspects of the game were combined.”

The Pumas boss went on to concede the problems caused by the Guatemalan’s rigid defense.

“The Comunicaciones team defended very well, good enough that we had a difficult time trying to score the winning goal, but we managed to score it because we did everything possible to find the goal and get the win. They are a good team that knew how to cope; I do not think that I have to demerit the work done by Comunicaciones,” Ferretti said.

The Brazilian coach went on to praise the Pumas youngsters which made up the majority of the squad that played against Comunicaciones. “All of them, I liked all of them, they have been in a process that little by little they will get participation with the first team, it will not be immediate, they have to grow and get rid of their nerves,” explained Ferretti.

Ferretti's lone complaint, however, was with the match officials.

“They were confusing my blue and gold, what beautiful colors, perhaps they were confusing them, the linesman thought that I was playing without knowing that I have been retired for a long time know,” joked Ferretti about his altercation with the match officials who made him take off his jacket.

Joel Aceves, Goal.com

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