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America's sporting director, Jaime Ordiales, knows his side has very little margin for error as the Mexican giant looks to regain past glories in the upcoming season.

With the necessity of once again becoming one of the greats in Mexico, America had no problem in opening up the check book. America kept busy in the offseason by signing players like Aquivaldo Mosquera, Daniel Montenegro, and the Brazilian Rosinei. The plan is set to raise America back up in the standings and sporting director Jaime Ordiales knows there will be no room for error.

"There is no margin for error in this tournament," declared Ordiales in a press conference. "All the reinforcements know that it is a complicated situation. The team has not reached its goals that we had envisioned it would, we have failed in the aspect of qualifying. We have done great in other things and we feel the need to show that America is on the rise, that the team is well planted, and well coached. Football is lived in reality though and we need to show the fans that America will once again become a protagonist and will not have to struggle at the end of the season to qualify."

Since Ordiales’ arrival at America the team was suppose to change its spending ways. The team was supposed to be composed of pure America youth who would wear the colors proudly. But Ordiales has looked more like a politician than a sporting director, showering with promises but never actually fulfilling them.

"I think that in the long run we will have to give more attention to our youth system," said Ordiales. "I said this a long time ago when I first came here. Unfortunately, though, our current situation leads us to result to other measures."

As of now, the director has placed all his hopes on this new team that America is presenting. He believes the work of president Michel Bauer will only bring forth good results. With this he can finally rest easy, hold up his head and say that they did it.

"The team is finally taking shape, it's going from bad to good. I think the beach work we put in was a real benefit. Our last rival demanded a lot from us and I think we showed a good performance despite being down a man for almost 70 minutes."

The team is not yet complete and already it looks like they’ve improved significantly since last season. Montenegro will incorporate himself with the team in the days to come. Rosinei though will have to wait his turn as he does not posses an American visa. A few more tweaks and dress rehearsals and Las Aguilas should be good to go for the Apertura.

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