FMF Exec: No Room On Tri For Players Like Castillo

Mexican Football Federation executive Nestor de la Torre said he wants only players who desire and long to play for the Mexican national team to wear and defend the team's colors.
Nestor de la Torre has sent a clear message to Edgar Castillo, after the Tigres defender declared his interest to play with the United States national team, claiming that there is no room in the Tricolor for players not convinced that they belong with the national team.  

“Belonging to the national team should be a pride, a satisfaction, a great responsibility because of what it represents. If someone is not convinced of that then a player with those doubts does not interest us," de la Torre said in a press conference. "There is no room in the national team for people like that."

The Mexican national team director’s words were not specifically aimed at Castillo but at the current situation, so that it will not be repeated again with footballers not convinced that they want to play with the Tricolor.

“This is not personal," de la Torre said. "Any player that does not have the aspirations, the desire, does not feel pride, does not belong with the national team, anyone; name anyone, all of the registered players have to have an identity and everything that represents more than 100 million Mexicans."

The FMF official feels that they should not have to convince players to play for the national team - that is something that should come from the footballer’s desire.

“We do not have to convince anyone," de la Torre said. "On the contrary, the player has to convince with their qualities, development, attitude, performance, will, desire, pride, and hunger to be in the national team, to want to represent their country, and for that we do not need to convince anyone.”

De la Torre went on to praise players that have maintained their illusion to receive a call up even after playing for over 10 years.

“Those are the players that should be taken into account,” he said.

Regarding Castillo not being cap-tied to the Tricolor; de la Torre said it came down to missing paperwork.

“The last time he was capped he lost his papers and could not acquire a letter from his father in order to get another passport so he was not able to participate in an official game," Castillo said. "Still, he has already been with the team and because of his doubt’s then I do not think that type of player belongs in the national team."

Joel Aceves,

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