Tigres' Guzman Backs Castillo's Desire For US

Tigres manager Daniel Guzman said he respected Edgar Castillo's wish to play for the United States national team.
Days after Mexico defender Edgar Castillo revealed his desire to play for the United States, his club manager spoke out in support of the New Mexico native.

"I respect Edgar a great deal," Daniel Guzman told Mexican daily Ovaciones. "If the United States gives him the opportunity to come out ahead in soccer and if he accepts that, then we must respect his decision."

Castillo's revelation sparked negative criticism in Mexico, including some from Mexican Football Federation official Nestor de la Torre. But Castillo, who joined Tigres after a failed six-month stint with America, found support in his former and current manager.

Guzman and Castillo were with Santos Laguna together, where the two helped the club win the Clausura 2008 season. Once he left Santos for America, Castillo's form plummeted and he had several off-the-field problems as well. One of his issues was his passport. Castillo lost his passport and was unable to travel to Honduras for a World Cup qualifier. As he has not played for Mexico in an official tournament, FIFA's new rules would allow for Castillo to switch allegiances and play for his birth country.

Such a move would be fine by Guzman.

"The only thing we have as humans our freedom of expression and the ability to say where you want to play or what you want to do," he said.

Reunited with Guzman, Castillo might begin to show the form he displayed during 2008, and such form could help clear Castillo's path to the U.S. national team.

"In life, you need to do what makes you happy," Guzman said. "If Edgar thinks that he will have with the United States what he could not find in Mexico, let him do it."


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