Guzman Hopes To Rekindle Career With Atlante

Once-promising prospect Ever Guzman said he hoped to raise his stock and earn more playing time with Atlante.
Ever Guzman seemed poised to become Mexico’s next top prospect after helping the Tricolor win the 2005 FIFA U-17 World Cup and unlike his teammates the then 15-year-old striker had already made his first division debut with Morelia.
Despite the potential Guzman showed in Peru, where he played a vital role in Mexico’s championship win by scoring key goals, nothing seemed to go his way after returning home. The majority of his teammates, however, all seemed to flourish in one way or another. Some went to Europe and others became key players in the Mexican league. Guzman on the other hand rotted away in Morelia’s youth squad and received very little playing time with the first team.
Guzman has now received a second chance in the form of Atlante, a club he hopes can help revive his still fledgling career.
“I am very happy to have switched to Atlante because the system implemented by Professor Jose Guadalupe Cruz is very offensive, vertical, and that is something that compliments my characteristics,” Guzman told reporters.
“I need to consolidate my career in the Mexican league, play the most possible amount of minutes in every game, and then I can achieve one of my goals which is to play abroad,” explained Guzman about his ambition at Atlante. The Quintana Roo club will participate in the FIFA Club World Cup which could very well be the next international showcase for Guzman.
“My first goal is to have a very good preseason which is why I am working to the max in order to achieve the best possible physical condition and this program of high altitude designed by the Atlante coaching staff benefits the whole group. Achieving a good physical condition will allow me to compete for a spot in the teams starting eleven and hopefully catch Profe Cruz's eye,” concluded Guzman.

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