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San Luis manager Juan Anotnio Luna said that his club did well to have performed in SuperLiga despite not having reached the semifinals.

San Luis saw their SupeLiga dreams shatter at the hands of Chivas USA. It was a one all draw and it was enough to send the Potosinos back home.  They will not go empty handed though. The experience up north will help San Luis regain form for the upcoming Apertura.

San Luis had a mediocre Clausura tournament, with only five wins in the whole season they did not fulfill the expectation of many analysts.  Ending as Superliders in the Apertura 2008 San Luis was poised to have yet another astonishing season, but that never happened.  Although the team is not yet fully ready, manager, Juan Antonio Luna said the SuperLiga tournament served well in San Luis’ preparations.

“We are still in preseason. The competition here served well for us thanks in part to the competition that we encountered. We are still visualizing where we have to get better and there are still some people that we need to get in to reinforce the team. We hope that by the end of July we will have a competitive and very well structured team,” said Luna in a press conference after the game.

San Luis will need to do some serious shopping if they want to get back into the form that saw them take the Superliderato in 2008. They also lost Israel “El Jagger” Martinez to America during the offseason.  Martinez flourished in San Luis, which made America change their mind and bring back the outstanding midfielder. Luna will be hoping to fill the void left by Martinez and also tighten up other loose ends. He hopes to have those players in by next week.

“We are looking at central defenders and also attacking midfielders. I can’t give you any names obviously because that would interfere with the negotiations. We have made contact with those players’ representatives to see if we can incorporate them by next week,” admitted Luna.

When asked, when the team finally came together, if they had a shot at the title Luna said it was too early to determine.

“I think it’s too early to be thinking that we can get into the final. I think we need to complete the objectives that come first. To get to the final would be our last objective,” declared Luna. “We don’t have that certainty yet and I think it would be a very small group of people which could tell you that at this moment their team has a shot at the final. We have different objectives along the way and if we can complete those goals then I do think we are capable of reaching the final.”

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