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Bruno Marioni has not been with Estudiantes Tecos for long but has already noted tremendous differences between his former and current managers.

After a teary and bitter farewell from Atlas, Bruno Marioni has a found a new home with Tecos. After only one week with his new club Marioni has already found great differences between Miguel Herrera and Ricardo Lavolpe.

Though these two managers share similarities in their tactics, the human element is the one that greatly differs.

“The style of play is about the same but I think that Miguel has a different feel for the game. The reason is because Miguel has never forgotten that he too was once a football player. He still is a football player and treats everyone the same, like human beings, something that never happened with Atlas,” admitted Marioni to

Marioni hoped to respond to his new coach on the field and also hopes to meet  "El Piojo’s” expectations.

“It’s a little logical; if Miguel asked for me then I would think it would be normal for him to give me the possibility. Now it will be up to me to not defraud him and win my spot on the team,” said Marioni. “I read somewhere that Miguel set a goal for me. He wants me to score seven or eight times and I hope I can do that for him because it would be something great.”

Tecos had their first full team practice on Friday. Marioni assured everyone that Estudiantes would have an offensive minded team from the start.

“This is the first time I practice with my teammates; obviously we still need to get to know each other better. It helps to start taking in the rhythm and the concepts of Miguel. This will be an offensive team that will look fast for goal and it will surely be a team with a lot of football,” declared Marioni.

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