Tigres Ignore SuperLiga, Send Top Players Against Second-Division Side

Tigers beat U de G in a friendly played in Guadalajara despite the club's committment with SuperLiga.
On Saturday, SuperLiga participant Tigres dropped four goals in their first competitive match since narrowly escaping relegation as Tigres won 4-1.

But that was not a match against Chivas USA played at Home Depot Center. It was a game against U de G, played in Guadalajara.

Choosing to use their top players against a Mexican second division club instead of their SuperLiga opener, Tigres rolled their second-division opponents. Francisco "Kikin" Fonseca scored twice while Juan Pablo Garcia and Lucas Lobos added goals. U de G, playing the first game in their second reincarnation, got a goal from Uzziel Lozano.

For U de G, or Universidad de Guadalajara, it was the club's first game since reviving itself. Club owners purchased Tapatio - Chivas' second-division side - from Guadalajara and rebranded the club as los Leones Negros of U de G and in essence brought back the former famed club.

Meanwhile, Tigres manager Daniel "Travieso" Guzman was with the club in Guadalajara as assistant Carlos Turrubiates ran the representative squad in Carson, Calif., against Chivas USA.

"I take this as an intra-squad match," Guzman told Mural after the match. "After all of our work at the beach (during training camp), they looked very good but there is still work to be done. But they are adjusting quickly to how I want them to play."

Tigres will travel to the United States for SuperLiga on Sunday. Tigres will play San Luis and Chicago Fire in their remaining games. However, newcomer Edgar Castillo will not travel with the team. Castillo lost his passport and is without one or a visa, according to Mural. Castillo had lost his passport in March and was unable to travel with the Mexican national team to Honduras for a World Cup qualifier. It is unclear whether he replaced it and lost the replacement or if he never acquired a replacement passport in the first place.


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