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Chivas vice president Efrain Flores said Francisco Mendoza knew that the club had received offers for him the day before the draft.

The transfer season has been a hectic one in the Mexican League. Many teams are looking to reinforce their squads for the upcoming Apertura. One team that has chosen to keep their squad as it stands is Chivas, who have chosen cohesion over reinforcements for the upcoming season. But even el Rebaño Sagrado can’t pass up golden opportunities to better the club.

Francisco Mendoza was placed on Chivas’ transfer list for the draft. Mendoza though was upset when he found out he had been placed on the transfer list. Efrain Flores, vice president of Guadalajara, said he had previously spoken with Mendoza and they both agreed that a transfer could be the way to go, reported Mural.

“I spoke with him and it seems there was a misunderstanding. I think he will clear things up when everything is done,” said Flores. “I explained the offers for him when we first received them. I said ‘Pancho, there are these possibilities which are really important and you should take a look at them.'

“He said to me, ‘go ahead there is no problem, I would like to hear them’ and we put him on the draft till 7:00 pm on Tuesday. That’s how it went down, It was with the player first. If you ask me I think it was really respectful,” expressed Flores.

Mendoza only made three appearances for Chivas last season. Mendoza played only a total of 89 minutes for Chivas and earned a red card in his last outing for El Rebaño. The midfielder will now be joining Jaguares on a one year loan. Chivas however walked away empty handed from the deal. It was speculated that the deal could bring the return of Adolfo “Bofo “ Bautista back to Guadalajara, but Flores assured everyone that the topic was never touched during the deal.

Flores also admitted that he was being pressured by Tigres to sell Luis Ernesto Michel. But he did not want to weaken Francisco Ramirez’ team before the season even starts.

“We hope to bring continuity to the team. There was an instance where they asked for him, but they soon realized that I did not come to sell him. They could have tried all they wanted and it was not going to happen. I feel we need to hold on to Michel,” Flores admitted.

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