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Based in Guadalajara, Atlas have formed a strong local fan base but are looking to expand their reach internationally.

Clausura 2009 record: 5-6-6, 21 points. Goals scored 22. Goals Allowed 29. Leading Scorer Gonalzo Vargas and Bruno Marioni(5 goals each). Primera Division Titles 1. Last League title: 1950-51. Last Playoff Appearance Clausura 2008 Repechaje.

Losses: Bruno Marioni, Pedro Hernández, Óscar Vera, Alfredo Sánchez, Jaime Durán, Jorge Achucarro

Additions: Miguel Zepeda, Daniel Osorno, Mario Pérez, Andrés Ríos, José Manuel Cruzalta, Efraín Alferez, Mario Mendez, Omar Trujillo.

Update: Atlas ended third in the table of Group 3 and 13th in the general table. They just missed out on the Liguilla. Atlas couldn’t really claim the best at anything. They finished with a minus-7 difference goals, while the goal scorers weren’t very prolific. Atlas didn’t start off the season too well losing 4-0 to Cruz Azul in their second game. Midseason the team improved a bit, but they were back to losing ways by the end when they lost 5-0 against Pachuca in the last game.

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