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Veracurz are hoping a new group of owners will help the club return to the Primera Division.

Veracruz have been out of the Primera Division since the end of the Clausura 2008 season and the club has found new ownership in its attempt to return to the top flight.

“We have reached an agreement with the group of investors presided by Raul Quintana so that they can acquire the Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz franchise in its totality,” announced Gabriel Romano to the media.

“This does not include the players, the players will continue to belong to the patronage, and they will be loaned to the new administration which have committed to not relocating the franchise away from the port of Veracruz,” continued Romano who is the president of the patronage which had control over the club.

Romano indicated that the sale of the team was in excellent terms taking into account that the franchise is being sold to a string group of investors with football knowledge and committed to making Veracruz into protagonists.

“They managed to get the team promoted in 2001, they now the venue, they know what to expect so we are glad that people with great enthusiasm and capital will help take the team where we all want it to be in first division.”

“Today we have reached an agreement which was favorable for both sides. What we need now is to see how we will build the team, the draft begins this week and we need to see players from different teams that are helping us,” said Quintana. “We have been negotiating for one week and what we need now is to have the best football in Veracruz. This club will remain at home and we will assure that with the necessary locks so that Tiburones Rojos of Veracruz never abandon the port,” assured Quintana.

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