On Way Out, Achucarro Rips Former Manager Lavolpe

Jorge Achucarro said former boss Ricardo Lavolpe and club Atlas were not truthful in the reasons they gave for the player's dismissal.
Jorge Achucarro's days with Atlas are over, but his removal from the club was not something he saw eye-to-eye with.

Achucarro, who missed a portion of 2008 with a knee injury, unloaded on former manager Ricardo Lavolpe after Atlas made the decision to get rid of Achucarro due to what the club deemed injury concerns.

"When he came here, I didn't get to play anymore," Achucarro told Guadalajara daily Mural. "He says it's because of my knee. Why doesn't he say that he does not like my style of play? He would be well within his rights to do so. At least that's more believable than a knee, because he's brought in a player who has injuries to both knees."

Atlas recently brought in Andres Rios, who is recovering from torn knee ligaments.

Achucarro had been a key player under former manager Dario Franco but saw his playing time diminish under Lavolpe.

"It makes me lague because supposedly I'm leaving because of my injury," Achucarro said. "But everyone saw that I had a goot InterLiga and was able to play some games during the end of last season (Apertura '08)."

Achucarro, 27, played 12 games during the Clausura 2008 season but tore knee ligaments before the year was up. He saw action in three games - including three starts - during the Apertura 2008 campaign. He played 12 games this season under both Franco and Lavolpe but started only five - two of those starts under Franco, who was sacked two weeks into the season.

Worse than his exit, the Paraguayan said he was more upset that his image was being tarnished.

"It's embarrassing because they are soiling my name with this injury situation," Achucarro said. "They know it's not like that. And they can perform tests on me whenever they want to see that I'm not injured."

Achucarro told Mural he has 18 months left on his contract and would prefer to stay in Mexico instead of returning home to Paraguay.


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