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Pumas will be remembered as the best team in the Clausura 2009 season although Pachuca had the best season and were considered the top team for most of the season, something Christian Gimenez lamented.

Pumas have been crowned champions of the Clausura 2009 by winning 3-2 aggregate, but 2-2 in the second leg against Pachuca. Now, all players will have to get on with their summer plans including Christian Gimenez who will join the Argentine national team.  

Pachuca led the season, and finished as number one on the table, but were ultimately beat by Pumas. Gimenez lamented the fact because he doesn’t believe that anyone will remember what the squad accomplished during the season.

“No one will remember what was accomplished. We had to come out as champions and we couldn’t do it. We have to congratulate Pumas, the played a worthy campaign. I think they’re a good champion, they won against us. The only team that could beat us was Pumas,” said Gimenez.  
Although Gimenez scored the two goals that gave Pachuca hope in the final against Pumas, he believes it doesn’t matter as no one will remember.

“Those goals don’t matter, I wanted to be champion.”

Now, with news of Enrique Meza possibly leaving the club, Gimenez is hoping that that doesn’t happen.  

“Hopefully he can stay a long time with us.”

Andrea Martinez,

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