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After a 1-0 win in Thursday's first leg, Pumas won their sixth Mexican league title at Pachuca's expense after a 2-2, extra-time draw.

Pumas got their sixth star after defeating Pachuca 3-2 in the two-leg Mexican league final. They were able to fend off Pachuca at home. Pumas went down twice in Sunday's game, but the character and heart that had shined all season long made its way to Sunday's game, helping them tie Pachuca 2-2 and prevail over their difficult opponents.

Pumas rise once again to the top earning their third title in less than a decade.

The second leg of the final started with Pumas having a one-goal advantage. Pumas however, started the game as if they did not have any advantage. They started off with the ball and had the first dangerous chance of the game. Pachuca lost the ball and Pumas took advantage. Ismael Iñiguez riffled a shot toward goal but it was deflected off a Tuzo defender.

Pachuca were caught off guard but would soon recover. Pachuca would completely dominate the game for the next 40 minutes. They were attacking in numbers but the Pumas backline stood strong and were letting very little go by. Damian Alavrez had a point blank shot in but the experience of Sergio Bernal kept the score at 0-0.

Pachuca were not going to be denied at home though and after 32 minutes of struggle they got a break.  Efrain Juarez brought down Blas Perez inside the box giving Pachuca a penalty and a golden opportunity. Christian "Chaco" Gimenez would take the shot and drill it. The game was 1-0 in favor of Pachuca and the series was now tied at one a piece. Pumas never awoke even after giving up a goal and Pachuca finished the half strong.

Pachuca seemed to be the hungrier team as they started the second half right where they left off.  This time Gimenez positioned himself to take a free kick, but his powerful shot went over the head of Bernal.

Something needed to change for Pumas. Pachuca were filtering through like nothing so Ricardo " El Tuca" Ferretti decided to make a change in the middle. Leandro Augusto took the place of Ismael Iñiguez. The change seemed to work Pumas were beginning to open up offensively. In the 62nd minute the change paid off. Dante Lopez, who scored for Pumas in the first leg found himself in the score sheet again. He sent the ball close to Miguel Calero's left post where it found the back of the net.  The game was tied 1-1 but Pumas was leading 2-1 on aggregate.

Pachuca seemed to come back to life but it was not enough for them. Enrique Meza took out Gabriel Caballero and brought on the American Jose Francisco Torres. After the change Pachuca seemed to press even harder in desperate search of the tying goal. Their constant pressure paid off in the 78th minute. Sergio Bernal braced himself to stop what seemed an ordinary free kick from Christian Gimenez. The Argentine though added a little zest to the kick which besides Bernal's best efforts went in. The game was now 2-1 in favor of Pachuca and it was all tied up on aggregate.

After the goal the momentum switched back to the Felinos side. Again pressing, with Augusto leading the way. In the 89th minute Pachuca would lose Javier David Muñoz Mustafa after he brought down Martin Bravo. Pachuca would have to go into extra time with a man down. The regular time ended and they were tied on aggregate. The championship would have to be decided in extra time.

The first 15 minutes of extra time kicked off with Pumas leading the charge. They were taking advantage of Pachuca's missing man and were making them pay. In the 95th minute Calero was barely able to get to a ball shot by Martin Bravo, after grazing it, the ball hit the post and found Dante Lopez. Lopez took a shot but it sailed wide this time for the striker. Pachuca had nothing to offer for the first half of extra time and looked tired going into the second.

After a quick change of sides the second half of extra time started. Again Pumas was showing to be the dominant team in extra time. In the 107th minute Pumas went up again. This time Pablo Barrera tried to filter the ball inside the box but Miguel Calero tried to keep the ball away and in doing so the ball went into the goal. Pumas tied the game at 2-2 and they were ahead 3-2 on aggregate.

With nothing to lose, Pachuca lunged themselves forward desperately seeking a goal. Jose Maria Cardenas had the last opportunity for Pachuca from a free kick but his shot sailed over the bar. The game ended 2-2 and 3-2 on aggregate, crowning Pumas as the 2009 Clausura Champions.

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