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Pachuca's home has always been difficult for opponents, Ulises Mendivil said. The hope for los Tuzos is that it does not change when Pumas visit.

As the second leg of the Clausura 2009 final approaches, Pachuca hope that they’ll be able to turn around the 1-0 score against Pumas to claim the title after being in first place of the league all season long. On Thursday Pachuca lost to Pumas at the University Stadium, but Ulises Mendivil thinks that los Tuzos will come back even with a defensive Pumas that they are expecting.  

Pachuca are not worried about Pumas’ style of play and will be ready for a Pumas on a counterattack.  

“(Thursday) they came out playing defensively, and I imagine that they’ll do the same on Sunday. They’ll come and look for the counterattack, and if they want to play like that there’s no problem. We only need one goal, and leveling the game they’ll have to open up and at that moment things will go in our favor and we’ll do cause some damage,” said Mendivil.  

The Pachuca player thinks that the lead that Pumas hold can be overcome, and suggests that the fans will play a large part at the Hidalgo Stadium.  

“The advantage that they have can be overcome. There are 90 minutes let and at home we can do it. Pachuca has great potential, with our people we have to opportunity to equalize so that we can then turn around the score and get the victory.”

The player is also asking for the fans to come out and support because Pachuca can be difficult to face at home as Los Tuzos look for their sixth title.  

“Pachuca’s ground will always be difficult for any team. I know because I’ve had to face them and it’s hard. So I ask our fans to support us from the first minute. We’re all mentally prepared to come out well from the beginning and together we’re playing towards the same place.”  

Mendivil doesn’t know when the goal will arrive, but knows that the important thing is for the team to stay calm.  

“The goal can come at any moment. We have to play with a lot of order and not get desperate.”

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