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Suspensions have been lifted and new faces should integrate Mexico's starting lineup on Wednesday, says's Sylvestre Adame

Mexico did not count on four key players for the game against Costa Rica but still managed an impressive 2-0 win. Three of these players were suspended for the match and the other was injured. Carlos Salcido, Carlos Vela, and Giovani Dos Santos will be eligible for the match against Honduras, while Rafael Marquez will have to watch from home, as he has to serve his last suspension before coming back to the national team.

Even without their stars Mexico still pulled off an important win against Costa Rica. They will visit San Pedro Sula for a match against Honduras, who also played on Saturday against rival Trinidad and Tobago. Honduras had a 1-0 lead through out most of the game, but saw two points slip away as Trinidad tied the game with just minutes to go.

Mexico will be coming in confident, at the fact that they overcame their opponent with out key players, while Honduras will try to escape the bottom of the group and get a win at home. Mexico will likely start some of the same players with just a few adjustments.

Possible Starting XI


Guillermo Ochoa
(America): Ochoa made his World Cup qualifying debut on Saturday. The 'keeper stopped three shots and intervened in a total of 15 plays. The 23-year-old's performance more than sealed his spot as starter with the national team.


Ricardo Osorio (Stuttgart): Osorio kept his side well protected on Saturday. He was also playing above the midfield line for most of the game as Sven went with a more offensive approach.

Aaron Galindo (Chivas): Galindo was the anchor in the Mexican defense. He was not that busy but made plays when he had to. Although there were some escapes from the Costa Rican players the Mexican back line stood strong and organized.

Leobardo Lopez (Pachuca): Lopez gave Costa Rica their first dangerous play as he brought down a player and gave Costa Rica a free kick. Nothing came from it, but for the rest of the day he was solid. The defender did not let Andy Furtado have any space and left him virtually useless for Costa Rica. Lopez also tried his luck late in the game when he dived for a header but went well wide.

Carlos Salcido (PSV): Salcido had to watch Mexico's victory from the stands as he was serving a suspension. His presence will only solidify the back line for Mexico. He will also alleviate some of the pressure on the defense as they had to step up due to his absence.


Fernando Arce (Santos): Arce was having problems with Costa Rican winger William Sunsing as he was going right past him. His play got better though, in the second half he went into the attack more instead of staying behind. He had some good crosses and had a lot of possession for the midfield.

Luis Perez (Monterrey): Perez did not play on Saturday. But, he could have easily replace Leandro Augusto who again was not much of a factor in the game. Torrado even took his place when when he was subbed in and Augusto was switched over to the left.

Pavel Pardo (America): Pardo solidified his starting roll against Honduras with his performance on Saturday. The America midfielder was all over the place. He drew the penalty, took it, and converted. The 32-year-old proved that he can be active all 90 minutes.

Andres Guardado (Deportivo La Coruña): Guardado again had a stellar performance with Mexico. After having lost a lot of playing time due to injury, the winger picked up where he left off. He had good passes although, sometimes a little too long. Guardado will no doubt be starting against Honduras but will probably be subbed late in the game again.


Carlos Vela (Arsenal): Vela served his final suspension on Saturday. He had to settle by watching from the stands. Vela who has seen increased time with Arsenal would be a nice fit up top. Vela is used to the long outlet passes that are commonly used in Europe and would reach the passes from Guardado that Bravo or Vuoso couldn't get to.

Vicente Matias Vuoso (Santos): Although, not scoring Vuoso was a key part in setting up both goals. He played a pretty ball to Bravo, and gave the ball to Pardo inside the box where he then drew the penalty. Don't expect to see Vuoso all 90 minutes though, he will most likely be subbed at half time depending on the game.


Oswaldo Sanchez
(Santos): Ochoa's back up will provide some experience to the team and might be a vital piece for the Mexicans' goal celebration (a train).

Jonny Magallon (Chivas): Magallon might come in as a sub late in the game again. The Mexican backline looks very well and his services might not be required.

Fausto Pinto (Cruz Azul): Pinto did a good job on Saturday but with the addition of Salcido back in the line up Pinto will probably be watching from the sideline.

Gerardo Torrado (Cruz Azul): Torrado saw some late minutes against Costa Rica. He came in for Guardado but replaced Augusto in the middle and Augusto took over the left wing. He might come in for Pardo because there might be some fatigue from the 32-year-old.

Omar Arellano (Chivas): Arellano received minutes in the dying part of the game. But, Sven did put him in and might be hinting at something to come on Wednesday.

Omar Bravo (Tigres): Bravo has been playing well for Mexico. He scored in the game against Costa Rica and had a few other chances but failed to convert. Other than that he was not as active as the game against Bolivia.

Nery Castillo (Shakhtar): Castillo was the most sought-after player on Saturday. He did not play but the fans were asking for him. Eriksson will probably listen to the fans and get Castillo in even if it is for last 5-10 minutes.

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