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One of the most experienced players out on the field Saturday was defender Ricardo Osorio, who helped fill in the void for Rafael Marquez and Carlos Salcido, said Mexico's 2-0 victory against Costa Rica will serve as a boost for the rest of their matches.

Ricardo Osorio and the rest of the Mexican defense had to work extremely hard Saturday, as they did not count on the services of Rafael Marquez or Carlos Salcido. Even without their star defenders to anchor the back Mexico still came away with the win.

“We are very happy, we demonstrated a lot of will power out on the field," Osorio said. "Our wishes were granted which is important and the fans also left happy."

The absence of their two star defenders was not the only dilemma that the squad was facing. They also had to deal with what happened earlier in the week with Nery Castillo, who argued with and chastised reporters during a press conference. Many speculated that this would distract the Mexican squad but it only made them stronger.

“We are all honest, we work hard and we accept all criticism good and bad, but there are just some people who don’t know how to do their job,” the Stuttgart defender said.

The Mexican backline certainly knew how to get the job done against Costa Rica. They helped Guillermo Ochoa record his first shut out in the World Cup elimination round and they also secured the victory. Defense wins games, and this was a prime example. Mexico’s defense seems to improve with every game that passes and for Osorio, the win was a crucial win.

“Personally I think we needed this win, so that we can go into the next games with our heads held high.”

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