Despite Not Playing, Castillo Went From Zero To Hero

Nery Castillo lashed out against the media on Wednesday and immediately received the support his teammates. On Saturday, the supporters chipped in and showed their love of the San Luis Potosi native.
“Nery! Nery! Nery!”

The chants rained down from Estadio Azteca for Nery Castillo on Saturday.

Castillo did not score a goal and didn’t even see a single minute of the game. But the cries for Castillo continued through out the game.

As recently as Wednesday, Castillo was the target of the Mexican media. Castillo picked fights with reporters and was rude to them. But to the fans that did not matter. They love Castillo and were behind him 100 percent as he explained.

“I am very happy, before the game I knew that the people loved me and I love them," he said. "That’s why when I get on the field I try to do my best."

During the game the crowed erupted when they saw Castillo get up from the bench and start to warm up. Although he did not see any minutes the striker did get up to celebrate the goals from his teammates when they all formed a train. The Mexican crowed seemed to like Castillo’s honesty as they kept on asking for him.

Castillo went on to mention that he did not learn anything from the incident on Wednesday, and it has not changed him one bit.

“The ones that have to learn are you guys (media) because before the games all you try to do is ask inadequate questions.”

Castillo also asked the Mexican media to stop stirring up trouble and join the bandwagon towards South Africa 2010, and emphasized the fact that the media need to start working on supporting the Mexican National team instead of putting them down.

“Its easy to criticize, but there are moments when you need to support, It’s simple really if we win we go to the World Cup and so do you if we don’t go then you guys don’t go either,” stated Castillo.

Sylvestre Adame,