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FMF's Director of National Teams Nestor De La Torre apologizes on behalf of Nery Castillo, who on Wednesday chastised reporters during a press conference.

Following the outburst on Wednesday from Nery Castillo, Nestor De La Torre apologized not just on Castillo’s behalf but everyone else as well.

The newly-appointed director of national teams saw his first real task in trying to unite the media, the fans, and the national team.

“First of all you guys are professionals and we are also professionals. The incident that happened (Wednesday) was not good for you or for us. I think that with less than 48 hours to go we are distracting ourselves from what is important,” De La Torre said.

With less than 48 hours to go the nation was torn over the comments that Castillo said. One statement was interpreted as Europe being better than Mexico (socially). But as De La Torre went on to confirm, Castillo did not want to make it seem that way.

“The way things were handled yesterday was bad. I think everyone was out of line and I ask for respect from you and we will give our respect. I spoke with Nery and he told me that when he was making the comparison between one continent and Mexico, he was not making it against Mexico he was not making it against society or the people, he was making it on a soccer basis just implying that everyone wants’ to play in Europe and that it s the most important soccer oriented continent.” De la Torre said.

De La Torre went on to mention that from now on there will be rules for press conferences, dress code, and the way the players conduct themselves. There was clearly an absence of order when a press conference carries on like that. To many someone from FMF should have stepped in when things were getting heated.

“I apologize for what took place here," De La Torre said. "After these two encounters there will be new norms put in place like how to act in press conferences and in flight. The Mexican institute has to have its political and institutional values. This is not because of the incident that happened but because we have to represent Mexico well and the 100 million Mexicans that live here.”

Sylvestre Adame,