Arce: Mexico Have Humility, Respect For Central America

Fernando Arce refuted Costa Rican manager Rodrigo Kenton's feelings, that El Tri have no respect for Central American nations.
Costa Rican manager Rodrigo Kenton opined earlier this week that Mexico underestimate Central American teams and that’s what causes them to lose games.

“They always underestimate the teams from Central America. They always say that the Central American teams are not rivals to them," Kenton said. "Mexicans also say that they should be participating in European tournaments, and that to us shows their lack of humility."

Fernando Arce however, thinks differently, that Mexico are indeed a humble squad.

“We have to be careful with this Costa Rican squad," Arce said. "We do have a lot of respect for them. We are not a squad that is not humble. On the contrary we have nothing but respect for them; they are an important squad that represents a great country."

The Santos midfielder said that it will be important for Mexico not to make any mistakes because it will cause them to lose three points.

"I think they will use the aerial game to their advantage and we can not allow any errors that will cost us the game," Arce said. "You will see an aggressive team from the start with a desire to win the game. We will obviously take advantage of playing at home and of our fans filling the stadium. We are well aware that accidents have happened before but we are convinced there will be more for what rests of the elimination round."

Humble or not the Mexican squad is sure to come out firing on all cylinders to avoid what happened eight years ago, when Costa Rica beat Mexico 2-1 in Estadio Azteca. With all that’s been said with all the tensions flying high, this could be an unforgettable game, and the start of a great rivalry.

Sylvestre Adame,