Mexico's Pardo Questions Media's Focus

Pavel Pardo questioned why the Mexican media has focused so much on the 2001 World Cup qualifier when he said there is so much to discuss in the present.
On Saturday, Mexico will take on Costa Rica. The Mexican media has manifested itself all over the game, but the news that comes out is not positive, but rather negative, Tricolor players said. The most talked-about topic hasn’t been Mexico’s last victory over Bolivia, or if the Mexicans will beat Costa Rica.

The topic most mentioned is not current news at all; it actually happened June 16, 2001. On that day, Costa Rica beat Mexico 2-1 in Estadio Azteca. Mexico has beaten Costa Rica six times in different elimination rounds to go to the World Cup. But as Mexican midfielder Pavel Pardo mentioned that does not seem to matter at all.

“It's true, the only things they talk about are the bad things. How can someone create something positive with a pessimist culture?" Pardo said. "This is a sport where you win and you lose, but it’s true, we have not lost against Costa Rica recently and we beat them in the last elimination match we had at Costa Rica and here in Mexico and no one talks about that. Today though, our only thought is on winning.”

Pardo went on to question the mentality of the Mexican media and why it seems they're against them.

“How come we don’t say Mexico will win? That there is confidence with the team? That Mexico will get all three pints for their fans?" Pardo said. "Unfortunately it’s the ‘Aztecazo’ which is talked about more. We have to live in the present not in the past."

Pardo however said they would be open to further criticism if they don't start winning qualifiers.

"If the results are not there then the criticism will come. We have to work on that and get better results so the situation changes. We accept the criticism since we have not done things right, up until now. We can’t expect anything good from them if we ourselves are not doing well”, said Pardo.

The America midfielder wants the fans to drown the Azteca in green and support the team.

“We do have some positives; the fans have sold out the event. It’s going to be an impressive crowed and we have to fulfill their expectations,"  I do not live in the past, I am living in the present. I know there is confidence within us and I have a lot of faith in this team.”

Sylvestre Adame,