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Aaron Galindo may have to assume some extra responsibility with the absence of Rafael Marquez from Mexico's central defense but with Azteca to play in, he feels confident.

Aaron Galindo is hungry to go to the World Cup. Galindo was banned from the 2006 World Cup after he and fellow teammate Salvador Carmona tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. As punishment, he was banned from soccer for one year; he would go on to miss the 2005 Apertura and the 2006 Clausura as well as the World Cup finals.

Since then Galindo has cleaned up and come back better than ever in hopes of one day reaching the World Cup.

Galindo said that Costa Rica, Mexico's next opponent in World Cup qualifying, won’t be easy but they need to get three points in order to qualify. He mentioned that they have to take advantage of Estadio Azteca and let the Ticos know that Mexico is the boss there.

“Of course, we always have to take all the advantages we can when playing at home," Galindo said. "The Azteca should be an uncomfortable place for our rivals. With the support from our fans no one should be able to beat us here.”

The support from the fans will undoubtedly be there for Mexico, but Rafael Marquez won’t, due to suspension. Galindo said that without their star defender everyone will be pressured to play a better game.

“The responsibility will be higher because Marquez is not playing. This obligates us all to raise our game and play better. We have to work hard in practice so that the absence is not felt," said Galindo. “It’s going to be especially harder for us in the defense there will be more pressure on us. We will all be concentrated in the back we will try to not to cause any errors."

Galindo also mentioned that this type of game suits him well. Not only will there be a lot of pressure from the absence of Marquez but from the fans and media and that’s something that he likes.

“I like all this pressure, I think that its good to have a big responsibility like defending the back line for Mexico, as well as the thought of knowing that my game can contribute to the team.”

Galindo also recognized that the pressure around Sven-Goran Eriksson is immense but said that with good results this will all blow over.

“There is more pressure than the usual game,” the Chivas defender mentioned. “But I think that winning these next two games will be good for us all, that’s why were going to go out there to win. With good results everything will calm down.”  

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